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Kick Ass Factory have made a documentary of their travels to Bonneville Speed Week 2008, the 60th Anniversary of the event. It promises to be an indispensable record of the best speed event in the world. This documentary style DVD production is a "must-have" for all hot rodding aficionados. Not only does it capture all the atmosphere and flavour of the event but it also gives intimate insights to many of the characters involved in this unique form of racing since it began back in the late 1940's. Many of the interviews and much of the background material included starts before the teams even reached the salt lakes so there are full and complete stories wound up in the overall package. If you have never been to Bonneville or don't fully understand the stye of racing, there are interviews with operational crew describing how a vehicle is tech inspected for racing, for instance, before the car is even allowed to race. Such interviews describe in great details what is involved. Some of the most amazing crash scenes I have ever seen filmed at Bonneville are included, along with footage of the unique hot rod parking lot scenes from outside the Wendover Nugget Casino in the evenings.

"This will be one of the most sought after records of Bonneville racing ever produced. Get one!" - Larry O'Toole, Editor, Australian Street Rodding.

Runtime: over 2.5 hours



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