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W H O  A R E  K U S T O M  L A N E  G A L L E R Y  ?

Kustom Lane Gallery was opened in October 2007.


As we get more exposure we are seeing more and more people through the door and great sales of art, merchandise, t-shirts, magazines and books.


We have opened what we believe to be the first Kustom Kulture Gallery in Australia.


Our artists specialise in a range of art work and genre's including: Tiki Art, Lowbrow Art, Monster Art, Car & Pinstriping Art and Kustom Artwork.


We also have a number of photographic exhibits, including Pinup, Film Noir and Burlesque Photography.


The gallery really can't be put into a category, it is something you have to come and see for yourself to understand what we are about and what kind of art we support and display.


Our artist base is also growing with more local and international artists being featured on the walls of Kustom Lane.


After many wonderful years on Glenferrie Road, we moved to a smaller location in Fairfield. Opening for a few exhibitions a year, we had a great run here but decided to close the physical gallery in December 2023.


We are continuing with our online store and are excited to continue helping our followers get their much loved items!

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