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"Legend has it…There was once a great stone Moai that sat upon a rocky precipice on a tropical Isle. It sat for centuries, as many Moai have, unable to see… for it was sculpted without eyes! But as good fortune would have it, a swashbuckling pirate, lost in a powerful storm, saw the Moai on the misty, obscured horizon which lead him safely to land. Thankful for this, the Pirate strung a cargo net with the finest glass float he had in his treasures around the Moai, like some magical eye patch of shimmering splendor!


Instantly, the Moai was able to see! The Moai was reputed to warn of squalls or dangers, far off on the ocean’s horizon. From this day forward, Pirate ships and Merchant vessels visited the legendary “One Eye Moai” as he came to be called… as it gazed into the future and guided all those lost at sea, to find safe, enchanted lands and tropical adventure!" 


In honor of this legend Tiki Farm presents the “One Eye Moai”. May it lead you as well to the most exotic and intoxicating of tropical lore in the deep blue Pacific. One Eye Moai stands 8” tall and holds 18 oz.




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