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Koruru Tiki mug represents a traditional mask on the gable of a typical Maori meeting house. As that, it is the head of the body of the house, with the gable beams being the outstretched arms, welcoming the visitor. Koruru’s authentic Paua shell eyes are a tool to help the ancestors see and protect you!

This particular mug is an homage to Rauru, the grandiose Maori meeting house erected in the ethnographic museum of Sven’s home town of Hamburg, Germany. Sven had the opportunity to visit Rauru on many occasions while on school outings as a boy. It inspired his later interest in Polynesian architecture in America.

Sven Kirsten is a renowned urban archaeologist and author. The books he’s written include: “The Book of Tiki”, “Tiki Modern” and “Tiki Pop”. The Book of Tiki is well-regarded in the Tiki community as being THE definitive publication that fueled the resurgent Tiki movement as we know it today.

Koruru is glazed in a rich primary greenish-black glaze that fades over the top and into the interior a beautiful emerald green. Koruru measures 7 ¾” in height and has a 20 fluid ounce capacity.



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