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...with 400 razorsharp spikes in the tires. At 120 kilometres an hour. At 30C below zero. On rock-hard ice. With their lives at stake.

Of all motorsports, ice speedway is the most Swedish of them all. To race with long studs on an oval track in left curved laps is an ancient idea.

During the golden era, 1952-53, there was almost 130 races all across Sweden. Today it's almost extinct but in Siberia it's still a national sport.

A film about men who, for the love of their sport, so strange things together. A warm and humoristic road movie that takes us from rural Sweden to a freezing cold Siberia and back to Europe.

During three years, documentary filmmaker Bengt Lofgren, followed drivers, mechanics and audience in the glorious world of ice speedway.

It resulted in a unique portrayal of a sport that lives its life in the shadows of roadracing, speedway and motocross.



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