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"Hogslayer: The Unapproachable Legend" is the award-winning true-life story of the dual-engine Norton motorcycle dragster designed, built, and raced by TC Christenson and John Gregory of Sunset Motors. The documentary chronicles the Sunset Motors Racing Team’s unrivaled innovation and unbridled courage as they faced unyielding challengers throughout the United States and Europe in the 1970’s. TC and John are featured as they relate their experiences of those years rising from local street racers to the top race team in the world. This is bench-racing at its best directly from the original Sunset Motors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, home of the Hogslayer.

This documentary offers a rare insight into motorcycle racing history on a personal level as told by TC and John sharing their stories supported by original articles, photographs, and recordings. The Hogslayer became the most successful drag bike in drag racing history winning multiple world championships. The original Hogslayer dragster is presently on permanent exhibit at the National Motorcycle Museum in the United Kingdom.

Runtime: 66 mins



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