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With almost 4 hours of high quality content English 102 is great for the Triumph enthusiast who wants to know more about his motorcycle and how to keep it running great. "The follow-up to the critically acclaimed English 101 DVD, English 102 is the next step in your British motorcycle education. Once again hosted by Wes White, the electrical system on your vintage British motorcycle is covered in depth with a concentration on identification of parts, troubleshooting, and tips to wire your bike from scratch. More carburetors, Amal, Mikuni and JRC units, are disassembled and discussed. In depth analysis of rebuilding hydraulic front ends, clutch center maintenance and cam bushing reaming is also included. A must for those of you with a true quest for knowledge." Electrical: Understanding What You Have Troubleshooting your Electrical System How-To Wiring & Electrical Tips Carburetors: Amal, Mikuni & JRC Rebuilding Your Front End Mixing & Matching Front End Parts Rebuilding a Clutch Center Cam Bushing Installation and Reaming 

Runtime: over 4 hours
Plays in all regions.



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