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Choppahead is proud to present the third volume in their award-winning documentary/video magazine series, CHOPPER ANIMALS AND MAYHEM MACHINES. The unholy trilogy is now complete! If you haven't seen the first two, here's the deal: This series documents and pays homage to the home-builder and the underground chopper/custom motorcycle scene, the true essence of Kustom Kulture. You won't find any network-cry baby-inflated megalo-ego-psuedo-star-bull$h!t builders here. You know what shows to watch for that! In this DVD you'll follow the Choppahead crew as they go out on-location and scour the nation to present you with some real-deal motorcycle builders, the guys that build in their own garage/kitchen/living room/driveway/wherever, as well as some small grassroots shops, and underground motorcycle shows/rallies. Once again you'll get an inside look into the madness, ingenuity, debauchery, and foolishness that surrounds this world! THIS DVD OFFERS EVEN MORE: HOME BUILT CHOPPERS AND KUSTOM MOTORCYCLES PUNK RAWK & HEAVY METAL SEVERE STUPIDITY & SHENANIGANS SHOP APPRENTICE ABUSE! The soundtrack features legendary hardcore/punk, stoner/doom, and metal acts such as: Blood for Blood, Murphy's Law, Wolfbrigade, Scissorfight, Throttlerod, Dozer, Wisdom in Chains, and many more! Choppahead Kustoms is an internationally recognized vintage/custom motorcycle builder and parts fabrication shop, as well as guerilla kustom kulture documentarians. They have built bikes for customers all over the world, and manufacture their own line of parts for British and American motorcycles. Choppahead has been featured in almost every major motorcycle/Kustom Kulture industry magazine in the US, as well as major magazines abroad (Europe, Australia, Japan). They respect their roots and it shows in every facet of their business. 

Runtime: over 2 hours
Plays in all regions.



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