Get ready to witness the greatest single day traditional hot rod show in the world. The Chrome Czars of Chicago IL throw a little party called the Hunnert Car Pile Up every year on the second Saturday in October.

Well, it started out little anyway. Now it has grown into a must see event that draws people from Canada, Texas, New York, and California. And these guys DRIVE their rides here. The faithful of this hot rod religion have called Morris IL their Mecca, and it is easy to see why this event is so popular.

The laid back atmosphere the Czars provide create an environment that screams fun to the spectators and participants alike. Check out some of the highlights from 2009. Pre '65 high end kustoms to low end beaters are all welcome at the Pileup. But don't think just because you show up means you get to come on in... everyone must meet the entry requirements of no billet, no digital gauges, and no stock vehicles to drive through the front gate. Coverage continues inside with 1200 cars, people having a good time, artists spreading the gospel of the kustom culture, and with vendors trying to make a buck.

Over 90 minutes of traditional hot rods and kustoms. So sit down and check out the world's Greasiest Car show... THE HUNNERT CAR PILE UP.

Runtime: 90 minutes