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'Pray For Me, Jason Jessee' is a documentary stunt ride with legendary former skateboard pro, custom chopper builder, and full-time lowrider Jason Jessee. Jason's family, friends (many of whom are living legends in diverse fields) and associates weave a riveting narrative on a truly fascinating, self-invented man. Jason's halting language and dozens of interviews from those who know him best and worst unveil themes of suicide, Jesus, success, failure, chickens, excommunication, bankruptcy, and love. The diversity of the interviewees in the film is staggering, as is their contribution to modern California culture - Jason's true love. The pace is frenetic, covering disparate topics like a train wreck... telling Jason's story in the same manner he lives it.

Featuring Christian Hosoi, Christian Fletcher, Jay Adams, Jeff Decker, The Sinners, Neil Blender, Mark Mahoney & Duke's Car Club.

Runtime: 87 minutes
Plays in all regions.



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