Ever since Henry Ford created the assembly line, there have been car customisers determined to break the mild. This unique art form has produced true visionaries, customisers building both stars of the street and stars of the screen.

There are a select group of these artists that set the bar for all the rest. Their original creations establish trends that are intimidated for decades. They are the best of the best, they are legends, they are true Kings of Kustoms.

This DVD is an in-depth look at the life, cars, and the history of one of the greatest car customisers ever, Gene Winfield.

For more than 65 years Gene Winfield has been creating the world's finest custom cars.

Hollywood also discovered Winfield's genius and the results were some of the most unique and memorable vehicles movie and TV audiences had ever seen.

Whether it's turning a %0s sedan into a full blown custom, spraying a classic Winfield fade paint job, creating a time-travelling DeLorean, or rocketing at 200 miles per hour across a dry lake bed, Gene Winfield only has two goals, to be the best and to never stop.

Runtime: 90 minutes