Choppahead proudly presents "Chopper Animals & Mayhem Machines Vol. 2 - Another Inside Look into the World of Underground Choppers & Kustom Kulture." If you haven't seen volume 1, you might be asking yourself - "What the hell is this DVD series, anyhow?" Well, take a chopper documentary, an old skateboard video, and an episode of jackass - smash them together and there you have it....! From the back cover: Forget all those drama queen and diva-esque superstar builders! Like its predecessor, this DVD pays homage to the true essence of Kustom Kulture - the home builder and the underground chopper scene! Follow the crew as they go out on-location across the globe to spotlight some of the wildest home bike builders & customizers, small grassroots shops, and undergound kustom motorcycle and hot rod shows. You'll get an inside look into the madness, ingenuity, debauchery, and shenanigans that surrounds this world! You'll see: * Over 20 profiles on home chopper and kustom cycle builders from across the country *Profiles on kustom shops from New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Japan! * Show and event footage from across the globe (Mooneyes Japan, Smokey Mountain Smokeout East & West) * An inside look at the goings-on at Choppahead Kustoms * Mucho jackassery to tie it all together The soundtrack features legendary hardcore/punk, stoner/doom, and metal acts such as: Scissorfight, Blood for Blood, Fireball Ministry, Dixie Witch, Church of Misery, Death Killer, Hope Conspiracy, Doomriders, and many more! (Full list coming soon) "A rather splendid film - with lots of really really nice motorbikes, cheers!" --DicE Magazine (London/Los Angeles)

Runtime: over 2 hours
Plays in all regions.